Podiatry is an essential aspect of physical health, and its relationship with physiotherapy is highly valued at ESPH.

Podiatry (or chiropody) is the specialism of the lower limbs, ankles and feet. The condition of this region can be an essential starting point for those with physical health issues, as it plays an enormous part in establishing neutralisation and stability, which are clearly important for posture, avoiding overcompensation etc.

By nature, physiotherapists will look at functional and biomechanical issues in their patients’ lower limbs. For example, patients suffering ankle pain will often have their ankle bones and surrounding muscles worked on in an attempt to treat the issue. However, some problems go beyond biomechanics and are often caused by abnormalities in structure and balance. It is in this instance that ESPH physiotherapists refer patients to the podiatrist, who practices in-house and has a close working relationship with the physios.

Having an in-house podiatrist allows a combined approach to many physical health issues. It allows experts to closely work together to treat patients with total communication and clarity, as well as providing convenience for ESPH’s patients.

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