At ESPH we use Pilates as an extension to physiotherapy treatment. With over ten years’ experience, our team of experts harness the power of Pilates and its functional and postural benefits when treating particular injuries.

The goal of achieving efficient motion, returning to functional movement and enhanced performance is the foundation of Pilates. Pilates based exercises encourage efficient movement by allowing the patient to be in a position that minimises unwanted muscle activity, often responsible for inefficient movement patterns and early fatigue. This could lead to injury if not corrected. When a desired movement is challenged by poor balance and posture, individuals often over-recruit muscles in an attempt to regain stability.

Regular Pilates participants report great physical and mental benefits of the exercises. Whilst working on centering, balance and posture, it also provides calm, flowing movements that lead to increased relaxation, better breathing and focused concentration. ESPH use it to marry these noticeable positive effects with the science of physiotherapy, making it an extremely popular choice for ESPH patients.

This equipment allows the body to be put in positions it can’t naturally achieve, which is totally safe in the hands of ESPH’s team of experts. This allows targeted benefits to specific areas, improving the effectiveness of treatment.

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