ESPH is best known for physiotherapy. As Harley Street’s most established physiotherapy clinic, ESPH has a reputation for quality, service and efficiency.

ESPH physios use a combination of modern and traditional physiotherapy methods to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment. These techniques include manual therapy, muscle energy techniques, taping, acupuncture, manipulation and mobilisation, and are often combined with other main services such as Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation.

At ESPH we believe in producing a thorough diagnosis before beginning any treatment. This involves a full musculoskeletal screening of your body and its mobility, with an evaluation of past injuries and conditions which often still play a part in your physical behaviour. ESPH physios have a wealth of knowledge and apparatus to ensure that this is carried out safely and with total accuracy. Treatment begins during your initial consultation, often with supplementary exercises for you to carry out at home to hasten your progress and minimise your costs. We guarantee that you will feel an improvement following your first appointment.

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