Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve tension and aid the recovery of an injury, as well as having the potential to enhance performance for sportspeople.

With athletes and competitive sportspeople clearly subjecting their body to extremes, it is crucial that they enlist the help of physical exercise experts in keeping their body in the best possible condition.

A Sports Massage at ESPH combines the traditional Swedish massage with deep tissue mobilisation. This combination allows recovery and replenishment for muscles and nerves, putting the area back in the condition it should be in following extreme physical activity. The massage itself is always tailored to the individual, based on the sport in which they participate and an assessment of previous problems. Whilst your body benefits from the science of the treatment, you should also feel relief and well-being following a Sports Massage.

ESPH is Harley Street’s longest-standing physical health clinic, with over two decades experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. If you are an active sportsperson who wishes to enhance performance, minimise the risk and effect of injury and maximise your lifespan as a sportsperson, then call ESPH today on 020 7907 1900.

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