Isokinetics is a dynamic, computerised muscle testing and strengthening system used at speeds that replicate normal movement patterns.

The user is in complete control of the resistance as the equipment responds in direct proportion to the effort, and therefore the resistance is never more than you are capable of applying. This makes isokinetics a very safe way to exercise to maximum capability throughout the entire range of motion and it can safely be used at all stages of your recovery.

Due to the high level of accuracy and reliability, isokinetics provides an objective measure of progress and can be used to determine the return to previous levels of physical activity. It is particularly useful to balance the muscles around a joint and is a proven treatment for tendonitis.

ESPH has been using isokinetics for 20 years to measure strengths and weaknesses in particular areas of the body, as this gives a great insight into targeted treatment. The isokinetic machines at ESPH are used to treat ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. Having this machinery in-house makes ESPH different from many other physiotherapy clinics, as the equipment is mostly found in hospitals and at football clubs.

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