Pre or post-op rehab?

The success of an operation can be largely dependent on the preparatory and follow up physiotherapy.

ESPH aims to help you by preparing you physically and psychologically prior to the operation, and by providing relevant physiotherapy methods before and after the operation to optimise your recovery.

Treatment before surgery is helpful and reassuring by giving you advice on the surgical procedure to be performed, and to prepare you by reducing limb swelling, restoring joint motion and boosting muscular strength.

Prior to the operation, it is important to optimise the results of surgery with physio work that helps stabilise, mobilise and protect the area. Physiotherapy treatment after surgery aims to restore normal active function through a progressive programme of manual therapy and exercise. At ESPH, we set specific goals and rehabilitation protocols based on your surgeon’s guidelines, providing a very tailored programme for your individual needs. These goals are then linked to an agreed timeframe of when activities may be resumed, such as the return to competitive sport or normal, daily activities.

Our expert physiotherapists have over thirty years experience in pre and post-operative treatments for:

  • Knee reconstruction and replacement (following Cruciate ligament and cartilage tears etc)
  • Groin injuries
  • Hip replacement and resurfacing
  • Shoulder decompression and repair (following rotator cuff repairs etc)
  • Ankle repair (following Achilles tendon and ligament repairs etc)
  • Spinal injuries and many more.

ESPH will guide you through all stages of your rehabilitation. We will closely monitor your progress, adjust your programme where applicable and provide relevant and appropriate treatment to maximise your recovery potential. Our team of experts will also be able to give you advice on how you can help yourself, by giving you relevant exercises to do and by teaching you about what to avoid.

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Pre or post-op rehab.

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