Poor posture?

Poor posture can be the cause of many related problems.

The current prevalence of seated jobs is having a disastrous effect on posture, and most sufferers have jobs that require them to spend long hours sat at a desk or in a car, which is very often causing them to suffer from a variety of musculoskeletal problems. The most common side effects caused by long periods of sitting are lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. (LINKS)

Postural re-education is an integral part of our approach at ESPH. ‘Good’ posture is achieved by maintaining core stability, spinal length and activating the deep spinal antigravity muscles. Gravity has an invisible effect on the body all of the time and the effect is greater on a slumped posture than in an upright position. Dancers talk about centring which is describing the perfect upright position, where the lower back remains straight and avoids adopting the ‘C shape’.

At ESPH we assess postural problems both at the workstation and in functional activities, and we use photographic and video analysis to help identify problems and provide solutions for improved posture. If the result of your poor posture has caused an injury, such as Sciatica, our team of expert physiotherapists will be able to treat this pain. As well as treatment, we will also discuss potential causes of the postural problem and help to identify lifestyle and ergonomic solutions to help improve your posture and reduce the chance of recurrent pain.

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