Dance Injury?

Given the combination of explosive movements, rapid changes in direction and very sudden stopping, injuries regularly occur in the world of dance.

Dance injuries most commonly occur in weight bearing or shock absorbing joints. Many dance injuries are common, such as a sprained ankle, meniscus tears of the knee, hamstring strains and shin splints. Whatever injury you are suffering from, ESPH treat each case individually and will personally manage you back to recovery.

At ESPH, we believe that the most important role of the dance physiotherapist is injury prevention. Our physiotherapists work in a team with the artistic dance staff, orthopaedic consultants, massage therapists and most importantly with you, the dancer. As physiotherapy is usually the first point of contact for an injured dancer, treatment at ESPH is quick and effective in the acute stages, laying the foundations for an optimal recovery.

Rehabilitation is aimed at injury prevention and covers education to prevent recurrence and improve biomechanics via group classes, Pilates, warm up and stretch regimes, technique correction and psychological support. With young dancers the aim is to teach good habits and self help to prevent injuries and lengthen their careers. When working with professionals, the goal is injury prevention with emphasis placed on addressing ergonomic and choreographic factors in order to enhance performance.

At ESPH, we believe in optimal results that enable people to continue with their hobby, passion or career. Our Harley Street centre is run by highly experienced experts who will manage your individual injury, ensuring your hasty recovery and return to dance. 

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Dance Injury.

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