Back pain?

At ESPH, we know how agonising, uncomfortable, and often worrying back pain can be.

If you are experiencing back pain, then our Central London physiotherapist centre on Harley Street has the knowledge, experience and equipment to relieve your pains and concerns.

Back pain has many different causes, such as sports injuries, RSI, repeated bending or lifting, having a trip or fall or by having poor posture. It will generally occur in your tailbone, lower back, upper back or neck. Given the scale of potential problems, you need an established physiotherapist with experience across the board. ESPH was formed over 30 years ago so you can be confident that our specialists will provide you with the perfect treatment for your individual case, as well as providing you with expert advice and exercises you can do to speed your recovery.

Back pain obviously has a large scale of severity. The most common sensations are a dull, constant ache, burning or a sharp, piercing pain. Whether your suffering is acute (less than 4 weeks), sub-acute (4 – 12 weeks) or chronic (greater than 12 weeks), it needs to be treated quickly to help minimise tissue damage and aid your overall recovery. At ESPH we use a combination of gentle mobilisation techniques to offload an aggravated nerve root as well as soft tissue mobilisation, manipulation, acupuncture and taping to cure the symptoms as quickly as possible.

As well as physiotherapy, ESPH offers many other relieving treatments to complement your therapy, such as Yoga and Pilates.

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Back pain.

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